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Copieur System, your expert in pre-owned copiers committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We operate in accordance with the economic, environmental, and social pillars to develop a company that is mindful of the world around it.

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Our CSR Commitment

For human and responsible development

At Copieur System, we pay special attention to the well-being of all stakeholders within our value chain. Hence, we develop automation and robotics processes to ensure a high-quality and risk-free service for our employees. We take care of the copiers on-site and their pollutants, which will be handled and processed by us.

Our company, based in the Rhône-Alpes region, currently employs over 20 staff members. Copieur System is a continuously growing enterprise, and we aim to further develop our European and international relationships.

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    • ISO 14001 Certification: "Our environmental management system is certified ISO 14001 by Bureau Veritas Certification."
    • ISO 9001 Certification: "Our quality management system is certified ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas Certification."
    • ISO 27001 Certification: "Our information security management system is certified ISO 27001 by Afnor Certification."
    • 100% French Transport Company
    • Opening to the European and International markets

Copieur System is committed to developing solutions within an approved ecosystem. We have carriers trained exclusively for transporting our equipment to optimize each tour. We are accredited in the treatment and transport of the polluting specifics of photocopiers. Our electronic waste is then sorted internally, and the plastic will be recycled to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.

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    • ISO 14001 Standard
    • Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste entrusted to an approved organization
    • Moving towards a more environmentally friendly mode of transport

Copieur System ensures the protection of your data in compliance with GDPR standards. We offer a data erasure service that adheres to the strictest norms. Additionally, we provide a report conducted under our SDCU protocol, which can be transmitted to you upon request.

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    • ISO 27001 Standard
    • 3 levels of data erasure
    • SDCU Protocol - Blancco
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